There are four rooms within House EXO

Intertemporal, international, multifunctional, organic and symbiotic, these exist and work together building a future world that goes where no one has gone before but where it is our destiny as humans to live and flourish.

The Exoplanetary Corporation

EXO Capital Fund

Institute for Innovative Study

Satya House

Two perspectives on one central coordinative project in which the EXO organizations and people are engaged to bring together the optimal balance of resources to Accomplish that which some say is Impossible but which we say is Necessary in our lifetimes:

This is one:

The Center for Exoplanetary Sciences and Applications

and this is a radically new way we aim to build relationships, our Team, our capital resources, interaction and enthusiasm among many others in the domains of Space science, technology and commercial industry, and to create our devices and platforms, and to execute new and exciting missions.

S4   Self-Sustaining Symbiotic Synergy

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