Comprehensive Mission Declaration:

To produce and sustain the economic, social, scientific, technical means for humanity to extend and build its life beyond the confines of Earth and to do so in a manner that is strategically sound and profitable for the present generation and those near-to-come in addressing both opportunities and needs in the lives of individuals and societies.

The Corporation engages in basic and fundamental research and product development within materials, construction methods, power and propulsion systems, life sciences, and psychosocial dynamics, that simultaneously serve the very long-term purposes of interstellar, exoplanetary missions and the very near-term needs of society and economics on Earth in the present era.


Open Challenge Proposition:

The objectives, action steps, and strategic plan for implementing the Mission Declaration of The Exoplanetary Corporation, EXO Capital Fund, and EXO Foundation, are of such a nature, daring and strikingly unconventional as they may appear and indeed are, that this integrated socioeconomic enterprise will from its very outset generate valuable, practical, positively well-received and accepted results for the people, companies, institutions, and economies involved in establishing these foundations, frameworks and infrastructures.

The Corporation's business and technical information, including executive summaries and mission statements, are available to qualified interested parties upon request. Financial stewardship and mentoring is provided by a principal investor, EXO Capital Fund

The Corporation is directly engaged as a co-organizer of The SPACE CORRIDOR in Michigan and is a supportive member of other proactive scientific, engineering, educational and social organizations and initiatives.

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