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The main base (nexus, hub) of activity for the SPACE CORRIDOR projects is in the Detroit-Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Sector of the Corridor, with collaborators worldwide


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NOTE: Currently these are Illustrative Samples from other websites and portals (QCBMEP, The TETRAD Group) - this entire Portal is in development.

However, there are already set up and in placeinternet facilities for: tele-seminars, distance-based workshops and real-time experiments, continuing education, and massively distributed parallel and hybrid computing. All of that - going into the physical "Primary Node" being established in Michigan - and in other Nodes - uses what is working, running Today. It transitions tomorrow into what we will complete with our quantum computing as well, to solve Real-World Problems - including but not limited to those concerning Deep Space Development.

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Discover the Finance-Investment Aspects of SPACE and the NET PRESENT VALUE of Space-Focused Technology and Business to Intelligent Investors.)

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Explore the Science and Technology in the foundational paths within the EXO group of people and organizations, based upon biology, biochemistry and the life sciences.)


Learn about the Applications and Large-Project focus part of SPACE and their NET PRESENT VALUE to fields and industries like Healthcare, National Security, Cybersecurity and Finance.)

Meet the EXO People, Learn More, and Enjoy Discovering and Inventing the Future!


Selections from the
SPACE CORRIDOR Open Public Forum
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NOTE: Currently these are Illustrative Samples from other websites and portals (QCBMEP, The TETRAD Group) - this Section is in development

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  • Koin Design
    Posted by : Rene

    It's like taking Pokomon and Oreos to the next level completely! I have no idea how this fits in with quantum computing, which I don't understand either, but I know that if these guys are doing something, that means that are Onto something Cool and it is going to work! I love the idea of the Commemorative Koins that we are designing! They are going to be made by these cool glassblowers in Jamestown at the National Historical Park, just down from Williamsburg where I hope to go to college in two years at William and Mary. Authentic 17th century glass, with diamond speckles and gold in them, and in the middle, wi-fi, bluetooth, and even an emergency if somebody tries to mess with you! Now who would have imagined that a guy who is a threoretical physicist and biophysics professor-type would have thought up all this and knows how to make it work?! I hope more people support these QCMP quantum computer doctors, because We Need Them and Their Work![...]

  • gallery 2
  • Virtual Reality Unhinged!
    Posted by : Kwan-Yin

    I never imagined that I could be traversing a Google Map of Milan, Italy and suddenly go through a door that appeared just for me, and there I was in a private galleria of Christian Dior and able to try on, right there, one of his preview Fall fashions! This certainly beats anything on Amazon, and I sure don't have time to waste on Twitter or LinkedIn anymore after discovering all the stuff I can use. What's more, the coolest things I can do that I never imagined me being able to do - or wanting to do! I don't have to be a "geek" to be smart and even run my own successful business! It's so cool what Doc D and his team have done and are doing - this is the Real Best Way to use the internet and the web, for People Everywhere. How thety do this with quantum computing and parallel supercomputers, I don't know, but they are making cool things happen Today! [...]

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  • Seamlessly Connected Workspace
    Posted by : Linda

    When my grandfather worked at CERN on the first WWW, it was the vision of scientists wanting to bear able to share reams and reams of data more easily among guys working all around the world in universities and labs. You know, for awhile I just rebelled against all that, and I was heading down the Wrong Path Fast in my life. Teachers, parents, social workers lecturing me and ordering me what to do - "Do This, Or Else." I couln't deal with that and it made me run away and I even did run away from home and got into a huge mess of trouble, almost dead, almost in jail. Now, with being part of a cool teen group working after school and on weekends at the "StarBase", with these Quantum Computer docs, we are so Right There together, as teams. Whether there at the lab or online from home, it's like we are in the same room with the instruments, each other, and the experiment, Live. And besides, we literally trake our work and studies with us on our bikes and go up into the mountains and ride on the trails and roads. Mixing the Physical with the "Physics" is the most sensible thing ever for really Learning! I guess that guy Plato really had it Right, and I am glad we have Guys here in the 21st Century like the Doc and his friends who really understand How to Do Things Well! [...]

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  • Robots and Bots on Wall Street
    Posted by : Juliana

    This is wildly fun and so sensible! I got into this through a friend who is a girl in college in my orginal home town in Mexico, and she has been working on stuff in astronomy and space robotics with a genius astronomer, Maria, who is at an Institute in Bogota, Colombia, and some other scentists and students as far away as Philippines, Chile, and Germany! Now I'm going to be part of the team and here I am in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Amazing. We're actually going to build this instrument called a cybernaut, where, just like with the Kinect and Surface gaming devices, you control the detailed movements and positioning of robot engines in space that are going to wrap a net, almost like a butterfly net, made out of carbon composite fibers, around an asteroid or meteorite, and then change its path through space, moving at maybe 24,000 mph, to deflect it away from crashing into the Earth and potentially killing millions or more. I feel like I am part of a really Important Mission, and here, we just moved to Virginia thinking that all we had to look forward to was working in poultry plants and restaurants. I'm so glad my family met some of the founders of the EXO Team and the SPACE CORRIDOR and I hope people will support their Work![...]

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  • Quantum Computing is not just far-out Smart but it's Cool - these are the Guys who have a Really Brighter Idea and You Want It!
    Posted by : Bill

    I just want to say that I don't know many persons around who can handle so many different types of tasks, and people, and situations, and circumstances, and keep on top of it all. I mean Doc Martin, Dr. Dudziak, and the smart people he's gathered around and with him for a Team that is really "23rd Century" like Star Trek, seriously. Plus, one of their strengths in this QCMP Group - whether it is natural or acquired or probably a little of both - is their ability to communicate well and in genuine good and construtive ways with people who otherwise often cannot get along with each other. So whether in an organization like a corporation or a university, or in something involving negotiation, planning, and dealing with "opposing and contentious forces," you want these guys doing their research and teaching and creative brainstorming with applications, too, more than anyone. [...]

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  • Knowing When to do the Best Thing for the Best Outcome
    Posted by : Andrea

    One thing I want to say about the Doc and his QC Guys - they really know how to look at things from all angles and come up with the best Next Steps. They have all that knowledge, and genius power, but also they know how to sit down with anyone - and I mean Anyone - and explain a good, a better, and a best way to do certain things. Everybody there is more than some hot-shot opportunist - they are realists, rock-solid, feet on the ground, and also 'Renaissance' types of guys, and not afraid of risk. Well, one reason Doc Martin isn't so afraid to take risks if because, like those chess and go masters, he has thought out so many moves far ahead that he knows how to cover the risks and hedge everything so that it will come out ahead. This guy should probably be on Wall Street as much as in the lab and classroom, actually, really![...]


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(All about the things done and do-able within The SPACE CORRIDOR and our partner-collaborators for Your Company, Institution, University, Agency, stemming from our main nexus in the Detroit-Ypsilanti-AnnArbor Metro Region and extending westward - and skyward!

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(All about the things done and do-ablewithin The SPACE CORRIDOR and our partner-collaborators for Your Company, Institution, University, Agency, in Your Choice of Location and Base of Operations, Worldwide, and We Do Mean Anywhere)

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The SPACE CORRIDOR is being facilitated and managed by The Exoplanetary Corporation and EXO Capital Fund, working together with a main base in Southeast Michigan, and with key people and activity in other sites.
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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

"I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly."

"Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."

Real Social-Networking that Works

What Quantum Computing offers that many don't yet realize is the Foundations for Purposive, Directed, Functional and also Secure and Safe Social Networking - this is what the World Wants and Needs Today.

True Social Networking that Serves

Just one preview from the private sector - for You to Profit from and Grow thereby - here, not more "twittering", gawking and groping, but Directed, Purposive, Life-Saving Safety, Security, Health and Emergency-Response REAL TECHNOLOGY that also provides Entertainment, Gaming, Leisure, and FUN! Yes, this also follows directly from QC and the way we are going about it in the QCMP.

Real Linking IN that Matters

From the foundations underlying some of the algorithm development of QC and QC applications - for You to Profit from and Grow thereby - is a New OPERATING SYSTEM that is built on and around and for People Using CUBITs and KOINs and MagicApps. Far out? You bet! And worth it - to the Smart Fast Ones!

THEORY - Physics Foundations

Learn more about theoretical and "very quantum" physics, as applicable for Wall Street and the World Bank as it is for quantum relativity and such areas of research.

THEORY + PRAXIS - Biomedical Innovations

Likewise for what the QCMP offers partners and sponsors through applied product development or in significant management and financial planning, within the field of today's and tomorrow's Medicine and Healthcare


Being able to predict how massive and seemingly diverse populations will think, feel, act, and also manage their personal economies including their spending - and being able to predict and address certain Events of Astronomical Proportion - these are of inestimable Value to the Financial World. Sponsor the QCMP and get part of this Intellectual Property and Patent Trove.

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This section is NOT operational at present (01.September.2015). However, previews and walk-throughs may be had by contacting Doc Martin.